Credit: David Kawai/Bloomberg

Flattening the Coronavirus curve is going to bankrupt a lot of people and businesses if drastic and immediate action isn’t taken.

CFIB survey shows significant support for employee ownership trust policies similar to US, UK

We’re shifting our focus and we’d like to explain why.

Our efforts to help small businesses survive the pandemic didn’t work. As we wind down the Save Small Business campaign, here’s what we learned and why the future can be different.

By Erin Millar, Jon Shell, Michael Smith and Ben Coli of

A lot of holes remain in government programs targeted at small businesses. But a few straightforward fixes would help a lot.

It’s not about evictions — it’s about negotiating power, and the massive imbalance landlords currently hold.

Credit: R. Jeanette Martin

Social distancing is devastating local small businesses and there’s not much time to save them. And the answer is not more debt.

Governments should temper their obsession with skills, and build a comprehensive and systemic employment strategy.

Governments need a new playbook if they want to help protect good jobs in the future.

Jon Shell

Entrepreneur, hopeful capitalist and aspiring economic justice activist

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