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For some reason, the Canadian government has rolled out the 2008/9 financial crisis playbook to solve the short-term complete collapse in demand caused by the coronavirus. Lower interest rates! More debt! More announcements to come! (Let me guess…infrastructure? More more debt?)

There’s one major problem.

At Social Capital Partners, we were thrilled, but not surprised, to see the results from the most recent survey by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business. It showed what has been proven in the US and the UK; that business owners care about a lot more than price when looking…

By Erin Millar, Jon Shell, Michael Smith and Ben Coli of

“I have so much fear. How will I feed my family?”

“I’ve stopped working to save lives, but am about to lose everything I’ve built.”

“This is scary as hell. I have employees to pay. Kids to feed.”

We watched these words appear in a Google spreadsheet on the early…

Canada now has a bunch of programs in place to support small business: a wage subsidy (CEWS), a loan (CEBA) and a rent subsidy (CECRA). The programs are fine, and are helping a lot of businesses. But, there are some clear holes, and the small business community is quite aligned…

It’s not about evictions — it’s about negotiating power, and the massive imbalance landlords currently hold.

The reluctance of the Canadian federal government and its Provincial governments to institute a moratorium on commercial evictions is leaving hundreds of thousands of small business owners at the mercy of their landlords. This article explains why it’s not as simple as “why would a landlord want to evict anyone?”…

Credit: R. Jeanette Martin

This is an article written in desperation. A last ditch effort to make clear to our governments something that obviously is not yet clear to them: most local businesses will simply not survive social distancing. This week’s Economic Response Plan by the federal government, while addressing some important issues, offered…

Last year I attended a roundtable discussion held by the Federal Government. Around the table were 25 very well researched and knowledgeable people about the future of work and training. Over the course of a two-hour discussion, they made about 20 different recommendations about what the government should do in…

Jon Shell

Entrepreneur, hopeful capitalist and aspiring economic justice activist

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